Lost & Food: What To Eat For The Series Finale

For Lost fans around the world, this Sunday night means the end of the show that helped redefine TV. Hopefully, answers to many of the show's unresolved mysteries will be delivered by ABC when the show concludes with its two and a half hour series finale. But most importantly, what's a foodie Lost fanatic supposed to eat while watching this landmark event?

Food has been an integral part of Lost since its inception. Mainly because for most of the show's first season the castaways were struggling to eat anything more filling than coconuts and papaya. Fans will recall John Locke's attempt to hunt down wild boar. Sun, too, got into the food providing act by starting a DIY farm, while her fisherman hubby, Jin, perused the ocean for sea urchin and other seafood. Charlie, the heroin addict, tried to soothe a pregnant Claire with faux peanut butter.

In subsequent seasons, there were Dharma food drops with Dharma branded products like peanut butter, ranch dressing and canned corn. And there were also Apollo chocolate bars. When the action moved off island (either in flashbacks, flashforwards or flashsideways) viewers found out that Hurley, the show's heftiest character, owned a chicken fast food joint called Mr. Cluck's in the "real" world. Many pivotal scenes throughout the show were filmed at Mr. Cluck's.

Another culinary homage to Lost is airplane food. After all, the tale begins with the epic crash of Oceanic flight 815, which is what brought our Losties to the island in the first place. And a subsequent plane crash would bring them back a few seasons later. While few airlines are serving substantial food these days, think back to the days when flying wasn't such an ordeal. Remember trays of Salisbury steak, petite salads and a slice of chocolate cake? Oh, and real silverware? But I digress.

Here is the perfect menu for the Lost series finale:
Appetizer: Sea urchin ceviche with papaya and coconut chutney
Entrée: Braised wild boar belly with shallots, dried cherries and mashed taro root
Dessert: Peanut butter brownies with roasted peanuts

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Jacquelynn D. Powers