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Light Your Cocktail on Fire for Halloween and Watch It Smoke at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach has come up with the perfect spooky sipper to kick off Halloween weekend.

"I named the cocktail Fired Up and Teed Off because it incorporates fire into it when lighting up the Grand Marnier and also features yerba mate tea," explains Jenni Greenspan, the hotel's public relations manager.

The Fired Up and Teed Off ($17), which also includes warm honey, orange skin, Grand Marnier, Hendrick's gin, and cucumber juice, was created by the hotel's master mixologist Ramsey Pimentel. He's responsible for creating all of the specialty beverages in the hotel, including the ones offered at the Lobby Bar, Lapidus Lounge and DiLido Beach Club, plus those served at the monthly Full Moon parties.

After mixing the ingredients, bartenders pour Grand Marnier in and light it on fire, leaving it for four seconds before adding liquid nitrogen. As to why it's appropriate for Halloween, Greenspan says, "Halloween is a holiday designed to surprise delight and mystify. This cocktail captures the essence of this festive day combining a hot and cool element. We add liquid nitrogen for a spooky type of effect."

Enjoy! Mwahahahaha!

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