Lemoni Cafe - Little Haiti Upstarts

                                                                                                         Jacob Katel

Assia Dahrouch and Eugenia Pelati opened the doors of Lemoni Cafe (4600 NE 2nd Ave), a  "fresh-Mediterranean-style" joint just nine months ago. They met at a restaurant on the beach where they worked together for four years. Assia, who worked there for 11 years before quitting said, "I'm putting all my time making money for someone else?" They decided to team up and start their own place and they've seen a great response from the community.

                                                                                                       Jacob Katel
                                                                                                       Jacob Katel
                                                                                                       Jacob Katel                                                                                                       Jacob Katel

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                                                                                                       Jacob Katel
Pictured above is the "Lemoni Supremo - marinated chicken, pesto, brie cheese, cherry tomatoes." Lemoni's mantra is simple, use fresh ingredients. Assia, born in France and of Moroccan descent, learned to cook from her mom using herbs and vegetables from their garden. Eugenia was born in Argentina but thanks to an Italian father, grandma's secret tiramisu recipe is on the menu.

Jacob Katel

Prices at Lemoni are cheap, nothin over 10 bucks. They are vegetarian friendly and they serve paninis, sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, treats, desserts, smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, and specialty coffees. They also do delivery. Check em out.

-- Jacob Katel

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