LeBron James Eats No Meat, Dwyane Wade Pounds the Cow

Yep, we Miami

New Times

folks get answers to dining dilemmas. Even if you are the hottest dudes in town. We've learned that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are often found at

Red the Steakhouse

. LeBron, insiders tell us, has been there three times and even recently celebrated his girlfriend's birthday on Red's rooftop with 70 family members and friends. As to what he chows on...

We were sent an e-mail that read: "Chicken... seriously. Not huge on meat and does not like pork." Sounds pretty healthful, right? However, more prodding led us to discover he has downed some serious mac 'n cheese and creamed corn (click here for the recipe). Sure he'll work all that off on the courts.

A restaurant rep also told us Dwayne Wade showed this past Saturday night with five other guests and eventually his posse grew to include 25-plus diners, drinkers, and revelers. They stayed late and hung in Red's front VIP room. We were informed the group dined on Chilean Kobe beef, meatballs, fried lobsters, calamari, "and much more."

Why do they frequent Red so often, you ask? Not only is the steakhouse one of the city's best, but insiders told us former NBAer Charles Oakley is part owner, too. (You can sometimes see him dining there, too, with BFF Michael Jordan.) Hmm. Perhaps dining at Red is the next best thing if you can't get Heat tickets this season?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.