Learn to Cook Healthy, Gourmet Meals at Delishe's Supper Club

Chef David Whyko, CIA graduate and former personal chef to Lenny Kravitz, is all about healthy but flavorful food. Inspired by his 12 years working for Kravitz, a job in which he prepared healthy meals to take on long bus rides in exotic places, he opened Delishe in 2008. There he prepares individually portioned high-protein, low-carb meals that are delivered to clients.

But for those who would prefer to cook, Whyko created the Supper Club.

"I try to reeducate people on food and show my excitement for it, and that carries over to them," he said.

The classes are for groups of six to eight people, a maximum of 10.

Whyko explains how it works: "Someone contacts me, 'Hey, my friends and me want to do a cooking class,' which we've named the Supper Club, and I develop a menu. 'What do you want to learn? Do you want to learn hors d'ouevres? Do you want to learn appetizers? Do you want to learn salads?' Then we set up a three- to four-course menu around that and I give everyone aprons and a glass of champagne and we go back into the kitchen. I have all of my mise en place out, and I go through the steps. How to clean a shrimp. The ratio of a proper salad dressing."

The classes takes place at the Delishe headquarters, a warehouse-like space that Whyko designed.

The average price for a class is $80-$85 per person and that includes three or four courses and drinks to accompany the meal.

A sample menu may include pan-seared yellowtail snapper with a colossal lump smoked tomato sauce and julienned vegetables, an exotic salad with grilled shrimp, hearts of palm and artichokes, and New York strip. Add to that some knowledge and a few lessons in portion control.

For more information, visit delishe.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.