Latin Burger and Taco Wheels its Way Through Miami

If stalking were legal, my target would be Latin Burger and Taco.

Actually, it already is, and I am hoping my constant 'where-are-they-today' search doesn't lead to legal intervention.

The trucks sport an un-missable pink and black exterior and move from location to location on a daily basis. The only way to find them is via Twitter (@latinburger) and Facebook fan page. Each day, anticipating junkies can log onto social media networks and hope the pink truck will be close enough for a lunch break run. Waiting for them is kind of like a kid's search for an ice cream truck.

Why the obsession? Their signature Latin Macho burger is made of chorizo, chuck, and sirloin, with melted Oaxaca cheese and caramelized onions & jalapeños. For these red meat master pieces, carnivores can choose between an "avocadolicious" sauce and a red pepper mayo to top it all off. All this goodness goes for only $5.75.

If tacos are more your game, Latin Burger and Taco has three options with equal appeal. Choose among the chicken tomatillo, the pulled pork, and the chicken mole. Torn? Go for the 3 Amigos Taco, with samples of each.

As we discussed in our preview, the Food Network's (and Miami local) Ingrid Hoffmann is the mastermind behind the food's unique flair. Lucky for us, this truck also caters events. Have it show up to your office and it will undoubtedly be the equivalent of when Obama bought lunch for his staff.

Visit latinburger.com for more details.

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