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Latin Burger and Beer Truck? Vote for Your Favorite Brew

We ran into the Latin Burger and Taco truck on the streets of the Design District Saturday during the art walk and asked co-owner Jim Heins: "When are you gonna get some beer on this thing?"

The easy-drawling Southerner replied, "We're actually exploring the possibility of that right now. I have my lawyer looking into it. Let me call him and see if I can even put it out there yet. Hold on."

Pretty ladies Anne Forkner and Vanessa Chen, whom we chatted with while waiting for some food, liked the idea. Anne said, "We were actually just talking about that." Her beer of choice: "Maybe a Corona with a lime."

Vanessa voted for "Tecate, Presidente, Pacífico... [and] a good Red Stripe." She adds, "I'm just really excited about the Miami street food scene."

Off the phone and having cleared the info with his lawyer, Jim said, "There's nothin' like an ice-cold Budweiser. Wouldn't that be cool, though? Have a tap right on the side of the truck and grab a couple beers while you wait for your burger?"

Damn right. So, what kind of beer would you like to see Latin Burger sell? Leave a comment with your beer(s) of choice.

Latin Burger and Taco Truck

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