Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day Foodies

​Run, don't walk, to your nearest phone and get these gifts wrapped up. Cupid's got a very busy night ahead and a simple greeting card ain't gonna hack it. Why don't you consider:

Making whoopie: Whoopie pies are just starting to trend in South Florida, so now's the time to learn the ins and outs of making whoopie. (Of course, your momma should've already told you about this when you were young, but we'll let that slip.) Sur la Table's got a new Wilton Heart Whoopie Pie Pan for only $12.95 that provides six puffy desserts when the baking's done. You can also invest in a Meri Meri Valentine Cupcake Set, a Heart Potholder and Valentine dishtowel, or other fun kitchen items if you're feeling the love.

Getting someone schnockered: Tonight's the night to try Sushi Samba's cocktail tree if you haven't already. Here's the math: three cocktails, 12 shots, $60, and three people all liquored up and ready for a good time. The good news is the forged steel cocktail tree ($250) is now available for purchase, too, so you can get a ménage a trois started at home anytime you damn well please.

A rubdown, wine style: Call up the Biltmore Spa to see if they have any time slots available for a Chardonnay massage, using oils of the grape seed. They'll throw in some Champagne and chocolates if you want to throw a couple extra bucks their way, too. Now go! Cupid won't wait.

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Riki Altman