Las Delicias Fruteria y Nursery is Juan y Jose "Los Locos De Las Plantas"

Las Delicias Fruteria y Nursery has been open only 30 days, but owner Juan Hernandez is optimistic. "If the business no good, we go, if the business okay, fine," he says in a heavily accented Miami Cuban english. Juan has lived in the U.S. for 41 years "right here in Florida," and is an American citizen. "I have more years in the U.S. than you do, that makes me more American. You speak better english, I speak better spanish" says Juan in his native language. He spent 37 of those years working as a landscaper. Now at age 71, he's opened his new business on Krome Ave, just north of Quail Roost Drive in South Dade. He and his sobrino Juan Hernandez run the joint. They call themselves "Los Locos De Las Plantas" and specialize in hard to find, exclusive species.

 "I did it for many years in Cuba, my country, I haven't done it in many years, but I still know what I'm doing" he says in Spanish. Check out some of what they've got for sale.

Las Delicias Fruteria Y Nursery is located at 16585 SW 177th Ave. Go in sometime and visit Juan y Jose "Los Locos De Las Plantas."

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Jacob Katel
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