La Sandwicherie In Brickell Finds Way To Make Use Of Old New Times Weekly Issues

The French are known for having exquisite taste. So it came as no surprise that when the painter made a mistake preparing the La Sandwicherie store in Brickell, owner Alexandre Pilar came up with the perfect solution.

"I have lived in Miami many years and have always liked the artwork on the covers of the New Times," said Pilar. "So I thought it would be look good and be like a tribute to Miami."

Instead of repainting, Pilar hung the covers of 59 issues of the New Times along the wall behind plastic sheathing. Issues from 2010 and 2011 in no particular order line the walls along the tops of the tables. Customers of Sandwicherie, which opened its first location in an alley in South Beach back in 1988, seem to appreciate Pilar's idea.

"Whenever you pass a New Times stand, the cover grabs your eye," said diner Tony Inacio. "Its about time someone made use of it."

The covers chosen feature a range of issues, from Luther Campbell running for mayor to corrupt Miami Beach cops getting paid a ridiculous $225,000 salary. Several issues, including the 2010 Best of Miami, appear twice. One of Short Order's favorite has to be the cover with a man wearing a shirt that reads "I (marijuana leaf) FL," which discusses the abundance of grow houses and the move to legalize marijuana in Florida. Other eye-catching covers include a girl in a martini glass and a LeBron James look-a-like with a homeless man.

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