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La Camaronera's Fish Box Food Truck on Biscayne

We were headed up to the Biscayne Triangle Food Truck Roundup last night, but when we got to Biscayne and 64th street, La Camaronera's Fish Box, Sakaya Kitchen's Dim Ssam a Go Go, Chef Bullfrog's Gastropod, and former Detroit Tiger Jim Heins' Latin Burger Truck were already caravanned. We stopped for a fresh snapper sandwich at the Fish Box and met up with Luis and Jose, a New York City lawyer introducing his dad to the Miami food truck scene. Luis, the dad, said "It's incredible. I'm amazed. I grew up eating like this in Puerto Rico at the Fiesta Patronal, y La Verbena, and I never in my life thought that I would see something like this in Miami. How long has this been going on with the caravans?"

Luis ordered some mahi fingers, not spicy, and said. "My son is a big time lawyer in New York City. He's always talking about the food trucks up there. He's down here for the holidays and his plane back got delayed going back because of the blizzard so he said, "Acompañame." He looks up the trucks on the internet, through the Twitter and we come out here and the cooks are all MBA's. I love it."

Luis's son Jose, holding a fresh box from the Sakaya truck, said, "I've tried them all. I eat from the trucks instead of restaurants."

They enjoyed their meals and we scored a free Minuta sandwich. If you've never had one at La Camaronera you should, but the one at Fish Box is just as good, and mobile.

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Jacob Katel
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