Kygo Creates Cloud Nine Dessert for Komodo

Ultra may be over, but you can still get a taste of it — literally.

Norwegian DJ, record producer, and musician Kygo has just released an album and a dessert that share the same moniker, Cloud Nine. The lyrical version is available on iTunes, but the sweeter option can be found at Komodo in Brickell.

Miami nightlife guru and Komodo owner David Grutman explains the collaboration was just a case of everything falling together at the same time. "We wanted to do something with Kygo to coincide with the release of Cloud Nine, and his people suggested doing a special dessert."

Grutman says it isn't just a celebrity-stamped dessert — the 24-year-old DJ spent time in Komodo's kitchen with the restaurant's pastry chef, Shawne Bryan. "Kygo and our pastry chef got together and worked on the cake." According to the nightlife impresario, Kygo's creativity was balanced by the chef's expertise in flavor profiles. The result is the Cloud Nine chocolate cake.

The dessert ($15) is a triple-chocolate cake containing double-chocolate mousse and topped with spiced milk chocolate crémeux.  The confection is garnished with shichimi-spiced caramel popcorn and a chocolate cigar.
Finally, in a nod to Kygo's tropical-house style, the dessert is topped with mango-passionfruit sauce and served with a side of mango-passionfruit sorbet, along with chocolate pearls and chocolate cubes. Grutman confides that Kygo originally wanted to go with a passionfruit sauce, but the mango proved to work better. "I'm glad they went with the mango."

Grutman says the feedback on the dessert has been overwhelmingly positive — so much so that Cloud Nine will remain on the menu indefinitely.  
The big question, of course, is whether Kygo's dessert is the first in a series of musician-inspired dishes at Komodo. Grutman says he's open to further collaborations but doesn't want to overdo it. "I do think we'll have more named dishes; however, I want to keep it special."

For now, you can get the Cloud Nine cake at Komodo. Just ask for the (tropical) house dessert. 

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