Kosher Hot Dog Suit: If 'Holy' Food Is Blasphemous, We Can't Trust Anyone

Something just ain't kosher.

As reported by Short Order earlier this week, ConAgra Foods, Inc., the company that produces those delicious Hebrew National hot dogs, is being sued. Well, not only sued, but sued in a class action lawsuit. 

The law firm of Blackwell Burke filed the suit in Minneapolis on behalf of eleven people who claim that Hebrew National is using non-kosher meat to make its hot dogs and other meat products. 

I'm pretty sure God is not happy.
This is just the latest food faux pas in what has now become the food industry standard. Corporations place the not-so-almighty American dollar above quality and consumers and we are the ones paying for it. 

Whether it's the use of 'pink slime' in McDonald's hamburgers or the use of 'meat glue' in food items such as pepperoni, corporations have made it explicitly clear that when it comes to down to ingredients, our health is the last priority.

Companies not only use subpar and unhealthy ingredients in their food manufacturing (see ammonia), but continue to produce foods high in sugar, high in sodium, and high in trans fats. Of course, they also continue to use ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup -- this is all without any regard for the damage they cause, not only to their clients' health, but to the economy (factor in medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance costs). 

The worst part is, that these corporations do absolutely nothing until their reprehensible acts go viral. If it weren't for people such as celeb chef Jamie Oliver and food safety advocate Bill Marler, these companies would just continue to feed us glue and slime. 

It's really a disgrace. I've come to think of these companies as drug dealers. They know that what they are peddling causes addiction and health issues, but they still keep selling the crack/Coke.  
There isn't enough information to form an opinion as to ConAgra's culpability at this point -- we'll have to wait and see as further details are revealed. But we as consumers need to stop being complacent and demand better -- our lives depend on it. 

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