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Kosher Food Is the Latest Gourmet Trend

According to the Christian Science Monitor, "kosher" is the new "artisan." Jews and non-Jews alike are flocking to kosher bakeries, delis, and markets to take part in what has become the latest food trend. What qualifies as kosher? Meat and dairy items must be kept apart, and animals are slaughtered according to strict rules.

The article states that non-Judaic vegans, Muslims, Hindus, vegetarians, and Seventh-day Adventists, among others, are all about eating kosher. In fact, sales of kosher products surged dramatically between 2003 and 2008, increasing 64 percent during that period, and have continued to grow, though at a more gradual pace, since then.

With that kind of a growth spurt, it's not surprising that an entrepreneur saw an opportunity. Yochanan Lambiase, a fifth-generation chef, opened the world's first kosher culinary institute in 2004. The school remains a thriving facility today in Jerusalem.

"I feel the kosher food industry has reached a pinnacle, and now we have to move it into the 21st Century," he told the Monitor.

Will this trend soon be taking over Miami's trendiest gourmet restaurants? Will Michael's Genuine soon serve a small plate of gefilte fish confit served atop a bed of crostinis? Can we expect bison-stuffed cabbage drizzled with a balsamic reduction at the Federal anytime soon? Maybe a brisket burger at 8 oz. Burger Bar? A tempura babka at OTC or some baked farfel and cheese at Yardbird?

Only time will tell. Happy Pesach!

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