Knaus Berry Farm's Cinnamon Rolls and Shakes Are Worth the Wait

Ooey-gooey and delicious. Knaus Berry Farm's cinnamon rolls draw a crowd year after year, and many customers have made it a yearly tradition. The bakery/farm is open from November through April (closed Sundays) and has everyone excited to get their hands on the tastiest rolls and shakes. It is a bit of a drive from Miami, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone.

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The line grew by the minute, but everyone seemed happy and excited.

Try not only the cinnamon rolls but also the black bottom cake. Wash them down with a famous strawberry shake. Why is this shake so delicious? It has just the right berry flavor.

Nick left happy with three black bottom cakes, a dozen cinnamon rolls, apple pie, and herb rolls.

Laura Simpson has taken her daughter, Savannah, here for 11 straight years. The farm is also famous for its key lime pie and the special-order shoo fly pie.

This family-owned farm has been here for more than 55 years. It offers more than just delicious home-baked goods. If you make arrangements, you and your family can handpick fresh strawberries and tomatoes.

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