Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye Miami Spice: Going Out with a Flash at Sra. Martinez

Welcome to October, y'all.  New fall menu items are rolling out today at Michelle Bernstein's South Florida restaurants.  Suckers that we are for nostalgia, it was time to relish some last bites of summer at Sra. Martinez last night, including the curtain call for her Miami Spice menu.  

Favorites included the Korean-style veal pinchos; calamari a la plancha with black rice and a pow from Peruvian mayonnaise; the smokey kick from lime-dazzled Homstead corn (choclo con chiles); and the one and only late summer vegetable salad with the crunchy creaminess of its barely blanched (some raw, some roasted) vegetables, including radish, snap peas, and fennel wading in a pool of perfectly pink, traditional 'red' gazpacho.

Here's the send-off in pictures...

Sra. Martinez

4000 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami (Design District)
(305) 573-5474

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