She's still as cute as a crispy chickpea.
She's still as cute as a crispy chickpea.

Kids in the Kitchen: Guess the Chef

​'sup, Kids? In preparation for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival's event dedicated to the junior foodies in our midst, to be called Kohl's Fun and Fit as a Family featuring Kellogg's Kidz Kitchen (boy, that's a mouthful!), we asked some of our favorite chefs to recount their favorite eats-related memories from childhood.

To make this game as entertaining as a ride on a slip n' slide, we thought it would be cool to post the photo of a chef who will attend the event and his or her quote, then let you guess the identity in the comments section. The first non-family member to guess correctly will win a four-pack of tickets to the aforementioned event. We'll post the answer next Monday when the next photo is published.

Okie smokie! Here's the first one. Your hint is, she's a local and a former ballerina:

"When I was a kid, food was such an important part and focus in my family life. My best memories are built around big family dinners or unforgettable moments in the kitchen with my mother. As a chef, I get to share that divine love with kids that are so deserving of it. It's a huge responsibility and one I don't take lightly."

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