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Juicy MC Alex Cuevas Hosts Miami's First Mass Juice Fast

Vegan Assassin and soon-to-be Miami restaurateur Alex Cuevas is at the helm of yet another veg-head initiative here in Miami --- a mass juice fast lasting from five to seven days. Via Facebook, 45 Miamians and friends have committed to joining one of two groups of juice fasters: the rabbits and the tortoises. Rabbits started their fasts yesterday, and tortoises link up on the 5th. The final fast day for both groups will be July 9th, when all will convene to toast a glass of wheatgrass juice at Cuevas' new (and not yet officially open) Choices Cafe (379 SW 15th Road) and celebrate their victories (which will likely include detoxing, weight loss, and mental clarity). The event runs from 7 to 10 p.m., and the health conscious public is also welcome to attend. Vegan DJ Golden Del will be spinning chill house beats for the event. Entrance fee is a bag of organic greens, ginger, lemons, green apples, or the like.  

What does a juice fast entail? Where can you get a cheap juicer? Where can you find fresh wheatgrass? What are the benefits of juicing? Does coconut water count? Can you exercise when you're fasting? What if you get hungry? As Cuevas would say, "That's what the community's for, son." The event page is a forum for people to extend their support for one another, ask questions, gloat, complain, get tips, and gain accountability, so they're more likely to stick with their fasts, whether it's their first or their fiftieth juice fast.

For more information on animal rights activist and health nut Alex Cuevas, see this article on his vegan potlucks, or this one on his journey into veganism and his outlook on nutrition and "juice partnering." Go here to RSVP for the juice party. To join the fast, or just spy on the fasters involved, go here.

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