Jugofresh Expands Food Menu: Try the Calorie-Free Kelp Noodles

Cold-pressed juices and booze-free shots aren't always as satisfying as something you can chew on. That's why when Jugofresh's Matthew Sherman and Darren Laszlo (AKA Chef Paco) invited Short Order to try their new food menu paired with juices, we happily obliged.

The 15-course meal featured flavorful, nostalgic dishes. They were all backed by Jugofresh's mantra: "All items that leave our kitchen are nutrient-dense to provide your body with everything you need to look and feel your best."

Here are our favorite offerings, which are available on the juice shop's new winter menu.

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The Indonesian almond-kelp noodles ($13) taste just like a street food dish, but they're made with calorie-free kelp noodles.

Kelp noodles might not sound that appetizing. But dressed with spicy almond cream sauce, carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, almond-sesame crunch, and cilantro, they're delicious. Their texture has some bite to it -- exactly what you want from an al dente strand of noodle kelp.

Jugofresh offers a kale caesar salad ($13) and kale coconut cobb salad ($13.50). Cobbs are famous for their substitutions, but this version -- made with romaine, kale, avocado, tomatoes, shiitake, cucumbers, raw ranch dressing, and something called coconut jerky -- was really unique. The jerky jerked our taste buds around. (A fruit-like bacon? Fake-o-bits?)

We were pleasantly surprised by Jugofresh's sweets.

Sherman said his favorite childhood snacks were Fig Newtons. The shop makes its own healthful version.

The goji fig newtons ($12) featured a raw nut-based dough, which was filled with dried goji berries and figs. We washed it down with a mylk shake ($11). It tasted like horchata, blended with almonds, dates, water, agave, cinnamon, vanilla, and gray sea salt.

When you want to go beyond the juice glass, this new food menu offers a lot to chew on. And if you go, ask for the juice that tastes like Hawaiian Punch. It has all of the drink's flavor but none of its red dye or artificial flavors.

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