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Josh's Deli to Begin Dinner Service: Escargot Pasta and Bone Marrow Pizza

You know how to tell fall is right around the corner? Josh Marcus, Josh's Deli's owner, decides to fire up the wood burning oven.

"I'm going to the Grand Canyon for a few weeks and when I get back, it won't be that hot anymore. That's an important aspect of cooking with a wood burning oven," Marcus says.

The chef/restaurateur will return in late October from a journey that will take him on a culinary and spiritual journey though the United States. Then, Josh's Deli will open for dinner from Thursday - Sunday evenings, starting October 23.

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Marcus explains that each year, he likes to mix up the menu at his "unorthodox" deli. "Two years ago, when I started doing dinners, I would do themes likes colors or vegetables. Last year, I basically did a Jewish bistro." Dinners at the intimate Surfside restaurant this year will focus on pastas and pizzas with an adventurous side.

"I'm not calling it an Italian theme, although there are fresh pastas. At Chow Down I made the dumplings. I've always enjoyed working with dough. I'm going for completely different combinations with my pastas. I'll do a lamb chorizo and an escargot pasta. People love pasta, and they also love testing the boundaries of what they can eat.

"The pizzas will have the same premise. There are a lot of good pizzas in Miami, but no one's pushing the envelope on what's actually on the pizza. I want to make a pig trotter pie and a bone marrow pizza. I want to be very exploratory."

Marcus says that he's confident people will warm to his creations, much like they enjoy his twists on traditional delicatessen dishes. "The people who have connected with the deli enjoy the journey that I've been going through, exploring cuisine to push those boundaries to see how far we can go."

Josh's Deli opens for dinner, starting October 23. Dinner will be served Thursday - Sunday from 5 - 9:30 p.m., with a happy hour planned from 5 - 7 p.m.

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