Sliderz is opening in September.
Sliderz is opening in September.
Photo courtesy of Sliderz

Josh Marcus Creates Menu for Sliderz, Opening in September

Sliderz, the Miami-based, slider-centric, fast-casual concept, opens its flagship restaurant the first week of September, with plans to inaugurate five more within the next 24 months.

The first Sliderz, located at 1817 123rd St., North Miami, will feature a menu of (what else?) sliders. If you're thinking the usual set of three mini-burgers, you're wrong. 

Josh's Deli's owner Josh Marcus has been tapped as consulting chef at Sliderz, and he's created a menu of some pretty interesting sandwiches — all shrunken down to slider size. Marcus has been tasked with doing everything from creating the recipe books to consulting on everything from food costs, menu ideas, and staff training.

Marcus says the decision to work on Sliderz's menu was an easy one. "I believe in Buzzy [Sklar, founder of Sliderz], and the concept. I like the idea of having the choice of trying various small eclectic dishes. When I visit a restaurant, I usually want to try the whole menu, but cost and size usually get in the way. At Sliderz, we designed the menu around the consumers' ability to try various types of items."

Marcus' idea was to look at these mini sandwiches as American-style tapas. "The idea is to try various small items and enjoy a plethora of flavors. A patron can enjoy a fish sandwich, a fried chicken sandwich, and a  chili cheese Hotdog without breaking the bank. What we feel is very important, is that we use organic products. Free-range chicken, line-caught fish, and grass-fed beef are a huge part of what Sliderz is all about. The public doesn’t want to feed their kids food that comes from unknown sources."

Bacon cheeseburger slider.
Bacon cheeseburger slider.
Photo courtesy of Sliderz

Sliders on the Sliderz menu include a certified Angus beef sliders and bacon and cheese sliders; grilled or fried chicken sliders; a Buffalo chicken slider with blue cheese sauce; a blackened mahi slider; a meatball slider; a chicken parm slider; a barbecue pulled pork and pulled chicken sliders; a veggie burger slider; and a hot dog or chili cheese dog slider.

Marcus has also developed some rotating monthly and weekly slider specials including a sausage and peppers slider; a churrasco chimichurri slider; and a meatloaf, gravy, and mashed potato slider.

Best part? These pint-sized versions of mega sandwiches mean you can try more than one at a sitting. All sliders will range in price from $2.95 to $4. Sliders will be sold individually and in Sliderz Stacks, offering four sliders boxed around a theme like the Guido Sliderz Stack, which offers two meatball parm and two chicken parm sliders. All Stacks come with an order of fries and a soft drink. Other sides include onion rings, curly fries, waffle fries, and fried mac 'n' cheese balls.

The restaurant will also feature some interesting techy aspects. Sliderz founder Buzzy Sklar, known for his work on food apps like Epicurator and the Haute Dining club, will offer a digital menu and a dedicated app for iPhone and Android that will make ordering food faster and more accurate.  

Sklar, a former partner at Burger & Beer Joint, is looking forward to getting back in the game with his new project. "Apart from delicious food, Sliderz is about lifestyle and convenience. We have worked diligently to create a brand that the public deserves. We look forward to showing the South Florida public that size doesn’t always matter." Well, at least when it comes to burgers, we'll agree.

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