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José Andrés Tweets Graphic Photo of Dead Game, Responds to His Followers' Disapproval

José Andrés drew much criticism today after Tweeting a graphic photo of dead deer and wild boars. The caption of the photo, which shows a pool of blood in the background, read "A good hunting day! Un buen dia de Caza."

Almost immediately, his followers fired back with messages of insensitivity, some even tagging PETA's Twitter handle.

Two hours after the photo surfaced, he posted an apology and a counter argument for his critics.

See the photo after the jump.

Seeing this didn't make his fans happy.

In the Tweet below, Davide Salegna says, "So they're killing animals for sport!?? How disgusting."

Andrés responded with this message:

"If I offended anyone, I'm sorry," he says. "I wanted to provoke this. Thousands of children die from starvation everyday and no one gets offended."

It may be that the The Bazaar's creator was just trying to provoke the issue of child hunger, but a photo of bloody dead game seems like a strange way to do it. That being said, "child starvation" looks like a humanitarian scapegoat for dead deer damage control.

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