Jonathan Waxman's Mexican Passover at Rosa Mexicano

Is Jonathan Waxman's haroset better than Bubbi's? Find out for yourself at Rosa Mexicano's with a Mexican-themed Passover menu that covers gefilte fish and beef brisket for a true taste of home (sounds super Koshereth). This is the restaurant's 10th annual celebration of the holiday, launching Friday, April 6, and running until Passover is over on April 13.

Everyone knows about the inevitable launching of kosher Coke and Pepsi this time of year, but how many members of the tribe are also aware that Herradura Silver tequila is Rabbi-approved? Rosa Mexicano is making it into a powerful "Sangria de Passover," (okay, name not exactly sexy) with a mix up of apple and lemon juices, along with a Manischewitz reduction floater. Tequila makes both matzoh and Manischewitz taste better, we promise.

These dishes do offer something a little more creative than the standard Passover shtick. Beet borscht is topped with pulled pieces of duck and a chile de árbol creama ($9); matzoh-breaded chicken has a sweet fruit salad of apricots, peaches, cherries with a tamarind vinaigrette ($19); and for dessert, a non-traditional honey cake with dates is brushed with a lemon glaze ($8.50).

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Lesley Elliott
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