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Johnny V's ‘Cues Up the Cuban Food

When's dinner?

We didn’t give Johnny Vinczencz a very enthusiastic welcome back in our review of Johnny V South Beach, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate his long-time, big-flavored contributions to our local dining scene. After all, since the mid-1990s the man has been boldly going where no chef has gone before -- namely, Midwestern BBQ with a Caribbean kick.

And now, to celebrate summer, BBQ season, and the notion that restaurant reviewers won’t be pestering him again for awhile, Johnny is queing up for “Cuba-Cue,” a Cuban-style barbecue that will be held at his restaurant's spacious outdoor patio the third Thursday of each month throughout the summer.

“Cooking outside is one of the great joys and benefits of living in South Florida,” says Vinczencz. “I wanted to give locals a laid-back but stylish spot to get some great barbecue, kick back with a drink and listen to live music. What better way to spend the night?”

How about with Kate Moss and a gram of cocaine? Heh-heh. But seriously, Vinczencz will be slow-cooking BBQ pork all day in the Cuban caja china (a wooden cooking box covered with burning coals), and will be dishing a slew of traditional sides such as black beans, rice, tostones, “as well as some savory surprises” .

We’ve saved the best part for last: The meal is priced at $10 per person, per plate. A Caribbean Cowboy Cocktail or classic mojito will go for $5. The premiere Thursday Cue comes May 17 at 7 p.m. Check out for more details. --Lee Klein

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