The Draft Master at John Martin's.
The Draft Master at John Martin's.

John Martin's: Miami Welcomes A Draft Master Table

Forget about waiting at the bar for your next beer. John Martin's Irish Pub and Restaurant in Coral Gables just installed the first Draft Master table in Miami which makes it a piece of cake (yuck yuck) to keep the beer flowing. The Draft Master is an "all-in-one beer tapping system" from Ellickson International that lets the customer do the pouring at the convenience of where they are sitting.

This marvel is available as a four-tap or a two-tap mobile unit. It is mounted at 360 degrees so each customer at the table can use it. Customers can decide which two beers they want to drink.

"I remember hearing about the Draft Master from some friends' home in Ireland, and I also took a trip up to O'Shea's in West Palm Beach to try it out," Martin Lynch, owner of John Martin's said. "I thought it was a pretty novel idea, the type of thing that would attract new business. Plus, we wanted to be at the forefront of this new pour your own pint trend, as John Martin's has been a pioneering establishment in Coral Gables since 1989."

We are thinking it is a pretty novel idea ourselves. Get your drinking on the easy way.

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