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Joey's in Wynwood $6 Pasta a Damn Good Deal

Joey's Wynwood Italian Café isn't just the gustatory champion of Miami's art district, it's also as cheap as you are.

Starving artists, broke freelancers, assistant district attorneys, and hungry spangers rejoice! Even we can afford to eat here.

A bowl of in-house, handmade spaghetti with a juicy, herbed up tomato gravy is the cheapest meal on the menu, though there's also a $3 salad, and a $4 soup. It's all made fresh daily by imported Italian Chef Ivo Mazzon from Roncade,Treviso. The portion is stacked and arrives steaming hot. For less than the price of a corporate deathburger combo you can eat like the Godfather's cousin on the other side. Want some bread to sop it all up? On the house. Glass of water? Free. Order to go and you won't even have to spring for a tip. Eat in and you'll likely be joined by politicians, millionaires, and art dealers who can afford everything else plus the wine on the menu.

Check out Lee Klein's review of the place to see why it's a winner.

2506 NW Second Avenue, Miami

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Jacob Katel
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