Jimbo's Place - Smoked Fish In Pictures

                                                                            Smoked Tuna - Jacob Katel

Jimbo's Place is a Dade County institution. If you like smoked fish, cold beer, bocce ball, redneck-rock-n-roll, fishing, manatees, graffiti, choppers, hot rods, kayaks, wave runners, nature trails, family outings, drunken brawls, feral cats, wild roosters, music videos, film shoots,  bikini models, chess games, sunsets, a cool place to chill for free, smoking outside, or pretty much anything under the sun, then y'all should already know. If not, here're some pictures......


Jacob Katel
Dude pictured above said "I'm from right here in Miami and I been comin' to Jimbo's 40 years."

Pictured above on the right is Gary Maes. Weekends at Jimbo's he's the man keepin the fish movin' and the beer ice cold. Here's what he had to say. "I been here 13 years. Jimbo's a special guy and I always told him I'll be here till he's gone. We buy all our fish frozen from a wholesaler, all I know is his name's Austin. Some of it's farm raised in Chile, and the Marlin's from Costa Rica.We used to have shrimp boats, but we stopped doin' it. We been here 54 years. Jimbo is usually here on the weekends before noontime. This is a very unique place, we had movies shot here, playboy, penthouse, you name it."

                                                                                     All Images By Jacob Katel

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