JetBlue Now Offers the Frieze Ice Cream on Mint Flights Out of Fort Lauderdale

The Frieze's Bananarama ice cream and Indian mango sorbet are available on JetBlue flights out of FLL.
The Frieze's Bananarama ice cream and Indian mango sorbet are available on JetBlue flights out of FLL. Courtesy of the Frieze
A Miami Beach ice-cream institution is taking its flavors to new heights. JetBlue passengers are now able to enjoy frozen treats from the Frieze 35,000 feet in the air.

The Lincoln Road staple was selected as one of five artisan ice-cream makers to participate in the airline’s new locally sourced ice-cream experience on Mint flights. (Mint is JetBlue’s more affordable version of business class, complete with fully enclosed suites offering lie-flat seats, 15-inch flat-screen TVs, a tapas-style menu, and a curated wine program.)

All Mint flights out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport will serve flavors from the Frieze, starting with Bananarama ice cream, made with real bananas, homemade fudge swirls, and chocolate flakes, and Indian mango sorbet. Beginning in July, JetBlue will offer the Frieze’s popular Whoppers ice cream, made with malted milk balls, and guava sorbet.

Blue Marble in Brooklyn, Coolhaus in Los Angeles, Double Rainbow in San Francisco, and Toscanini’s in Boston are the other purveyors whose ice creams will be served on flights out of their areas' respective airports.

“These are the local artisanal ice creams you wait in line for on a hot summer night, not the industrial dairy dessert products that you’d find in other premium cabins,” Jamie Perry, JetBlue’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement.

When the Frieze owner Lisa Warren was contacted about the opportunity with JetBlue via email, she asked herself if it was a hoax. But after sending the airline plenty of ice-cream samples and being selected, she agreed the honor makes sense.

“I feel that we have become a very serious institution within Miami. I mean, 30 years of popularity,” she says, “because our product is so excellent. We have never tried to reduce the quality of our products, even during hard times.”

The 30-year-old South Florida ice-cream factory has hosted countless friend meetups, schoolchildren on field trips, first dates, and even post-wedding ceremony ice-cream runs with the bride and groom still wearing their gown and tux.

“We’ve become not only Miami’s ice-cream place but also Miami’s place to meet your friend,” Warren says.

She adds that the the Frieze’s popularity has grown outside of the region. Many residents of New York, Chicago, and Montreal are familiar with the shop, and the JetBlue partnership is helping to boost the brand even further.

“Now we’re getting to be well known in L.A. because of JetBlue and the Mint flights that leave here and go to L.A.,” she says.
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