Jennifer Rubell's "Faith" Breakfast Installation: Chinese Egg Tarts Galore (Photos)

Jennifer Rubell is known for staging large-scale, interactive food projects that blend installation and performance art. After canceling her annual Art Basel breakfast last year, we were eager to see what she had in store for her comeback exhibit.

Short Order was at the Rubell Family Collection yesterday morning for the most important meal of the day -- Basel-style.

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First, we meandered through the gallery's latest exhibit, 28 Chinese. The show features a collection of artwork that were acquired by the family during 6 research trips to China over the course of 11 years. It's also the inspiration behind Ms. Rubell's breakfast project titled Faith.

Once we made our way to the outdoor patio, it was finally time to eat. Here's a peek into the whole experience:

Hundreds of traditional Chinese egg tarts -- a pastry tart with a baked crust that's filled with egg custard -- were served on a massive white teeterboard.

The narrow board pivoted at the center and was pushed up and down on either side. Then we understood what Rubell meant when she recently told us that "[Faith] places the viewer in the position where they are depending on each other."

"It ties in both the idea of a western show about Chinese artists and into my own personal life," said Rubell.

The tarts had a buttery crust and a creamy and semi-sweet custard-like filling.

There was also an Illy Coffee station preparing espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos to wake up the early-rising art patrons.

Here's a Vine video we captured for a better take on Faith.

The grand opening for Faith takes place on Thursday, December 5 at the Rubell Family Collection.

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