Jelsomino just opened in New York and is set to open in Miami Beach.
Jelsomino just opened in New York and is set to open in Miami Beach.
Jelsomino via Facebook

Jelsomino Russian Karaoke Lounge Coming to South Beach (Video)

For years Short Order has been saying the only thing that stands between South Beach and paradise was a really good karaoke lounge..possibly one that had live backup singers.

Well, South Beach is closer to perfection because word has it that Russian-based Ginza Project is bringing its karaoke lounge concept, Jelsomino, to South Beach.

Short Order spotted a Craigslist posting seeking all front of house staff for a new Ginza Project restaurant/lounge. The company is also seeking singers who dance to serve as live, onstage Karaoke backups.

We called the newly opened Jelsomino in New York City where it was

confirmed that a South Beach location was in the works, though no word

yet on exactly when the lounge would open. Jelsomino Miami LLC's address is listed as 247 23rd Street, Miami Beach.

There are currently Jelsomino karaoke lounges in St. Petersburg, Moscow,

Kazakhstan, and New York. The mega-lounge features private rooms and a

large stage where would-be karaoke stars can sing Paradise By The

Dashboard Light with real backup singers (and celebrity impersonators).

Here's a little bit of what we can hope to expect when Russian karaoke comes to town:

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