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Jeff McInnis Leaving Ritz-Carlton South Beach for New Midtown Restaurant Gigi

​Just a few months short of his six-year anniversary with the DiLido Beach Club at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, chef de cuisine Jeff McInnis announced yesterday via email he is ditching that gig and collaborating on a new resto in Wynwood called Gigi.

McInnis wouldn't say when the official opening will happen, but he did promise "cutting-edge, high-performance, communal comfort food for the discerning palate" that will have some Asian influence and rock-bottom prices. He also hinted that the venture is the spawn of someone who co-created Townhouse Hotel, Bond Street, Bardot, Buck 15, Sra. Martinez, and Miss Yip, so we'll assume for now he is referring to Amir Ben-Zion.

The restaurant will be conveniently located next to Bardot (3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami). Mmm, drinking, dancing, and dumplings... canoodling and noodle dishes... tight buns in jeans and pork buns on the table later... Sounds like a delicious way to spend a night.

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Riki Altman