Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burgers: A Review

Last week, we introduced Jefe's Original Fish Taco and Burger. Now a review:

This brightly colored truck makes its round all over Miami filling the stomach's of both young and old. Though it;s only been around for a month, it seems to be catching on fast. Jefe's Original was one of the several food trucks at the Miami Fall for the Arts Festival this past weekend and sold well over 700 tacos.

The menu is jammed with all kinds of good stuff, like the taquitos, $5.65 made with corn tortillas rolled with either chicken or pork and some guacamole fresca. Then there's the All American cheeseburger ($4.65), a double ($5) stacked with two

patties or a "Double Double," $6.65 with double the meet, cheese and

everything in between. Don't forget the fries with your order -- a

sligghtly pricey $3. Fish tacos, perhaps the best thing served, go for


The music jamming from the

speakers suits the vibe, and the fact customers can get served without

even leaving their cars is pretty nice. Now if only they had a liquor



them on

Facebook to stay up to date on where they are traveling . Feel free

to send in a request on their website to tell them where

you want to see them next. They just might pop up in your neck of the


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