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Interview With Sunny From Sunbox11 Winery

Monday, Short Order announced a giveaway for a complimentary wining and dining experience worth $250 courtesy of Sunbox Eleven Winery and 5300 Chophouse at The Blue in Doral. The winner? Hugo Mirabal, whose name was drawn randomly, and his guest Jamie Escobar will attend on Thursday, May 28.

I spoke by phone to Sunny, the president/owner of Sunbox Eleven Winery about the origins of the vino. She talked about French varietals, being a former banking executive, and the female sexual anatomy. Here's what she had to say:

Chef Superdave (David K. Gordon) is the chef/winemaker for Sunbox.

David and I's passions are food, wine, and travel. We've been together 8 years and we always make sure to include that into our lives.

We love wine and thought, 'well, why shouldn't we get paid to do something we love?' I used to be a CEO of a large non profit and then I went into banking and became an executive. I have 2 masters degrees in mental health counseling and marriage family therapy and I worked as a professional guardian for the state of Florida.

We have our own winery in California, we're part of a co-op. Basically what it means is that we're a partner in a winery. We share equipment and key personnel and key winemakers and basically they assist with the sourcing of the grapes. Most people think 'oh wine just comes from a vineyard.' Well it does, but a lot of winemakers source the grapes. The vineyard is where they grow the grapes, and the winery is where they make the wine.
Our Pinot Noir comes from the Santa Rita hills of Santa Barbara County, our Zinfandel comes from Howell Mountain in the Napa Valley, and our Viognier is a french varietal grown in Russian River Valley.
A lot of our wines have a lot of very French characteristics but they're actually grown in California.

There's a racy twist to how our wine got its name. Women always thought there was something more to it and men thought it was....a lot of people will call me sunbox just because I've done so many events and sent so many emails, I guess it 's me, but the racy part is that a lot of men heard Sunbox and thought it was my......well like Oprah says, vajayjay.

If you look at the label, it was my perception of what people thought the sunbox was. I took a picture of an orchid and superimposed it with the sun, the center of the orchid being an erotic sort of thing. it's my version of what everyone in the world has always thought the sunbox was.

Marketing experts say that if people don't know a wine, they always buy based on the label that appeals to them visually. So with Sunbox, they're attracted to it, but they don't know why. Thus far people love our label.

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