Cheap Eats

In Other Recession News...


you. Yeah, you, the unemployed guy sitting on your couch surfing the

Internet for a job. I would change those boxers, man. Shortly after

doing that, I would head to eponymous sports pub Beef 'O' Brady's for what the Sun-Sentinel's John Tanasychuk says is a sure thing. No, not a job! A free meal.


to Sup, the Beefs (Sunrise location only, at 10079 W. Oakland Park

Blvd.) is feeling empathetic towards all you recently laid off people

-- probably because they know you won't be spending your formerly

hard-earned money with them anymore. All you have to do is bring in

your pink slip. No friggin' joke: your PINK SLIP


Beefs. That's just cruel. It's gotta be like salt in the wounds to

carry your termination letter around with you just to get a free bite.

I mean, that's a step up from waving that thing around on the street

corner, screaming "this could be you!" at passersby. And what if you

didn't get a letter? Should you go back to your former place of employ

and beg your boss for one, a la the kid who seeks a doctor's note to

play hooky from school?

On the other hand, a free meal is a free meal. And, coincidentally, Beef's is hiring, at least according to it's homepage. Shoot, that's one stop shopping!

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John Linn