I'll See Your Three Animals and Raise you a Fourth...

Corey James

By now the Frankenstein monster of Thanksgiving dishes, the turducken, is old news: Stuffing a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey is just sooo Thanksgiving 2007. I mean, three animals? Is that all you got? Well, Corey James over at Bacon Today has you beat, my friend.

This, is his Turbaconducken -- a 15 pound turkey containing bacon-wrapped chicken and bacon-wrapped duck, which itself is then wrapped in bacon too.


sheer bravado of constructing such a meal makes my head swell. I mean,

the  symbolism of celebrating Thanksgiving by basking in such

decadent gluttany makes me either really proud to be an American or

really, really embarassed.  But somehow, I still want to eat it. The question is: What type of gravy do you serve with your Turbaconducken, Corey?

Thanks to reader Tim Litsch for the tip. And happy Turbaconducken Day!

-- John Linn

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