IHOP Pancake Pig Out: Free Stack February 5

On National Pancake Day aka February 5, the International House of Pancakes invites you to get your flapjack on with a free stack of IHOP's signature buttermilk pancakes.

Unlike other restaurants' freebies, like Burger King's free fry day for example, IHOP is not giving away its namesake food for marketing purposes, rather, for a charitable one. One hundred percent of the donations goes to charities that provide vital care for sick children in the form of equipment and life-saving procedures.

National Pancake Day this year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Children's Miracle Network and the restaurant is hoping to raise $3 million for the Miracle Network's hospitals. Yes, the pancakes are free, but IHOP is hoping you'll make a donation to the charity in gratitude of your free hot cakes.

Gene Simmons thinks that free pancakes rock.

Throughout January, guests can purchase "Miracle Balloons" for $1 and $5 each, with proceeds going to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital. With purchase of the $5 balloon you receive a $5 discount to use toward on next visit.

>Julia Stewart, interim president of IHOP, says "For the past eight years, it has been a pleasure and a privilege for all of us at IHOP to participate in this worthy event, and each year our guests have proved to be incredibly generous, helping us not only reach but surpass our goal. We look forward to continuing that trend this year as we plan to once again flip and serve about 4 million free pancakes for charity."

You'll be able to get your free pancake fix between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. at one of the over 1,500 IHOPs participating in the event.

This will be the eighth year that IHOP has promoted National Pancake Day, raising over $10 million for the Children's Miracle Network and other charities.

As alluring as philanthropic free pancakes sound, don't spend all day driving from IHOP to IHOP and filling up on short cakes. A short stack, basically two pancakes, has over 500 calories and tons of carbs. Diabetics beware. All others proceed with caution. As long as you enjoy the glorious gift of free pancakes in moderation, you'll be fine -- and helping kids in need.

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