If You Must Serve Eggnog This Season, Make Your Own

Eggnog is one of those staples that should be voted off the holiday table. Really, is that warm, thick, egg-y beverage the best thing to drink with your holiday meal? Especially in this Miami heat?

Eggnog originated in England and was brought over to America by the colonists. Originally made with eggs, milk, brandy or wine, the colonists switched over to rum when the English crown decided to tax brandy and wine. Now some recipes call for rum, some for bourbon, some for rum and bourbon.

If you insist on serving eggnog at your holiday party, do everyone a favor and stay off that syrupy store-bought carton stuff. The effort you invest in making it yourself will pay off.

Here's a video that shows you how.

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Paula Niño
Contact: Paula Niño