If You Knead a Pizza, Italian Restaurant in Florida City Delivers

​​To be honest, what attracted us to Knead a Pizza was the name. We're a sucker for clever word play. We're also a sucker for good food, and when it comes to pizza and pasta - Knead a Pizza satisfies your every knead need (sorry, we had to).

The girl behind the counter explained that the restaurant had been there for a while, but under a different name and different owner. Although it had once attracted steady business, the economy had really hit the area hard and people just stopped coming by. The new owner hopes to improve that by offering food made with only fresh ingredients.

The pizza is pretty straightforward. Nice, fresh, doughy crust, a proportionate amount of sauce, and lots of gooey, cheese, baked just right. There are lunch specials including two slices and a soda ($3.99) or just one slice ($1.99). Or you can order by the pie ($10.99 - $20.99). Slices are a good size -- neither too big to hold with one hand or two small to eat in three bites.

​We also tried the Philly steak & cheese sub ($7.95) with provolone, mushrooms, onions, and peppers. The bread was meh, but the meat and vegetables were fantastic. The sub was not too greasy, the veggies were cooked just right, and the meat had a lot of flavor. Pastas include spaghetti with meatballs ($10.95). The meatballs are homemade and the sauce has a very savory taste to it. The portion is big, but not obscenely so.

What sets Knead a Pizza apart from other shopping mall Italian restaurants is that you can taste the freshness and the quality in every bite. Knead a Pizza declares that only 100% fresh ingredients are used and we believe it.

Knead A Pizza
33497 S. Dixie Highway, Florida City

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