Ice Cream For Breakfast? The Frieze's Grapenuts 'N' Raisins

Welcome to Short Order Show & Tell, where one of us brings a local

delicacy to our weekly staff meeting, and we all weigh in on its


Today we test out the notion of ice cream for breakfast with The Frieze's "Grapenuts 'N' Raisins," one of the more intriguing flavors in their frozen arsenal.

Various remarks at the table were contradictory, since they depend on personal taste, naturally. Some thought it was too sweet, and some thought it was just right.

"High on the sweetness" and "a little too sweet," on one side of voters; "not too sweet" on the other.


tastes better than I imagined, I don't think it's too sweet, but I'd

eat sugar straight out of the package." (FYI, that person had a second


"The base is nice and milky, like the sweet stuff left in the bottom of your cereal bowl, so yes, I like it."

"I used to live on Grape-Nuts, huge fan of Grape-Nuts ... and ice cream. So, yeah, I like it."

One person thought it was rum raisin, and thought it was a bit "rich, but good."

The Final Verdict: The ice cream got a total rating of 7.5 out of 10. Try it for yourself; we picked up a freshly packed quart for $14.75 at The Frieze, right off of Lincoln Road.

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