Ice Box Cafe: Airports Are the Next Food Frontier

Airport delays and security nightmares get increasingly stressful. But the Ice Box Cafe is doing its part in helping ease some travel pains with the new Express Lunch box offerings.

Robert Siegmann, owner of the long-time Lincoln Road establishment Ice Box Cafe, has a kitchen staff that has been with him for 10 years as well as managers and a waitstaff pushing the nine-year mark. Like others including Chef Allen Susser, he expanded his restaurant to the airport to take advantage of airlines' stinginess. And he has done quote nicely, thank you.

"It's all about hiring engaging and interesting people" Robert tells us

as we sit at the bar facing the kitchen and he greets patrons and

employees like a friend welcoming you into his home." My restaurant is

about the food I want and the people I want to be around all the time." At Miami International Airport, the Ice Box outpost located next to gate D8 offers the same American fusion cuisine in a local cafe atmosphere that has resonated with diners for years. "We use fresh and clean ingredients to create dishes that are well-balanced but indulgent at the same time."

Robert has always been an avid traveler. "It's the best way to see what current trends and flavors are" But he was always amazed by the lack of good food at airports and would find himself packing meals for trips both long and short. This sprouted the Express Lunch Box idea. Travelers can pre-order online and options range from a sticky bun ($2.50) to a breakfast sandwich ($5.50) or a charcuterie platter ($9), Thai chicken salad ($9) to a house roasted turkey sandwich ($11). All items come individually packed with flatware and napkins.

So next time you're hitting the road, skip the Wendy's burger and fries and opt for a BLT ($8.50) that'll bring you back home.

Ice Box Cafe at MIA
North Terminal - Gate 8

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