Hydrate Medical Miami Brings IV Hangover Help to Your Home

Miami is one active city. When we're not running marathons or paddleboarding, we're clubbing around the clock. It stands to reason that at some point each one of us is going to break down, whether it be a hangover or a bout of the flu.

That's why Dr. Jonathan Leake is bringing Hydrate Medical to Miami. 

The Charlotte, North Carolina-based company offers IV infusions to anyone who needs a pick-me-up — whether you've had a bad stomach virus, run a marathon, or just had a long night of drinking.  

Although IV therapy for hangovers isn't new to Miami, Hydrate Medical's concept is. The company offers on-demand, concierge IV therapy service to your home, hotel, or office — all confidentially, of course.

Dr. Leake, a board-certified emergency physician, started Hydrate Medical with partners Dr. Victoria Garrett and Keith Parris (ACNP) after seeing patients come into emergency rooms for simple, non-emergency complaints like colds and stomach flu. "What we were seeing was people with upper respiratory infections. We would give them fluids and meds and they would pay thousands of bucks."

Leake figured there was a market for catering to people who could benefit from his services, so he set about starting a company that would provide IV infusions of fluids and vitamins on demand.  The service is discrete, quick, and strangely similar to Uber.

Say you wake up in the morning with a hangover or feel a cold coming on. You call Hydrate or use their app and answer a few simple questions. A registered nurse (most of which have worked in the critical care or emergency fields) is dispatched via Uber-like technology and will arrive in a private (unmarked) vehicle at your home, hotel, or office within 45 minutes. The nurse will check your vital signs and have you fill out a few forms before starting the IV infusion. From start to finish, Leake says it takes about 45 minutes. "We get it. You're busy. That's why Hydrate Medical comes to you wherever you are."

The IV infusions range from $199 for a basic hangover cure to $399 for a specialized treatment for a recovering athlete. The service also offers beauty regimens that enhance skin tone for about $349 — cheaper than Botox.

According to Leake, the infusions are quick and painless (a topical numbing spray is used), with great benefits. "One of our catch lines is 'feel great hydrate.' If you're experiencing jet lag or you have a meeting or even a pool party to get to, we're there for you to help you bounce back a lot faster."

If you're worried to call Hydrate because you were a naughty boy or girl last night, don't be. All information gathered by Hydrate Medical is confidential. Dr. Leake explains, "We follow complete HIPPA privacy laws, exactly the same way your doctor's office or hospital would. All information is stored confidential[ly]. We take care of a lot of famous people and we never divulge who they are. We are very discrete."

That's not to say that certain celebrities don't want to let their Instagram followers know they're fans of IV infusions. "Sometimes famous people will ask us to take pictures."

If you're hungover and in need of relief that works quicker than two Advil and a Gatorade, Hydrate Medical launches in Miami next week. For an appointment, visit hydratemedical.com

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.