Hurricane Sandy: South Beach Restaurants, Shops Feel Effects

Friends and family up north are preparing for Sandy's wrath as we enjoy a cool, sunny morning. But although Sandy mostly left Miami unscathed, there was scattered flooding and wind damage in various parts of south Florida.

Alton Road on South Beach was particularly hit hard, with major flooding making it difficult, if not impossible, for local residents to do normal weekend chores like walk the dog, shop for groceries, or grab a morning coffee.

This photo was taken on Saturday morning outside of Whole Foods Market on Alton

Road. Shops and restaurants had sand bags propped against their windows

and doors to prevent the water, which rose well above curb level, from


Josh Marcus, owner of MB Brewhouse, said that his parking lot and the alley behind his restaurant are still flooded.


Rodriguez, public information officer for the City of Miami Beach, told

Short Order that the flooding was part of a weather phenomenon caused

by a combination of winds from Hurricane Sandy and the high tide caused

by the full moon. "Water is supposed to drain into Biscayne Bay, but the

bay is currently so high that it's like pouring water into an already

full glass."

Currently Miami-Dade is still under a coastal flood warning,

with Sandy generating large swells and seas of 8 to 13 feet.

According to the National Weather Service, conditions should start to

improve Tuesday morning as Sandy heads further away from Miami.

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