How-to Video -- Creamy Porcini Mushroom Soup

Porcini Cream of Mushroom Soup from Miami New Times on Vimeo.

Odel Arencibia is executive chef of and partner in The Capital Grille Miami. His restaurant has just teamed up with Tuscan winemaker Castello Banfi and is offering a special promotion from February 23 to April 5, 2009, to celebrate. They invited me over to check the place out, and I gotta say it is one classy joint, a real fine-dining steak house. The deal they're working is...

... $49 for a five-course meal with these menu highlights:

  • Creamy porcini mushroom soup garnished with chive oil
  • Swordfish roasted inside parchment paper with white wine, roasted tomatoes, oil-cured olives and capers
  • Herb-marinated tenderloin with garlic, roasted tomatoes, red peppers and cipollini onions
  • Black truffle mac'n'cheese

Look out for more exclusive video content from the Capital Grille Miami, where we take you behind the line and let Chef Odel Arencibia show you how he does what he does.

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