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How To Go Green For Memorial Weekend: Solar Cooking

So you say you've gone green, but how committed are you to the cause? You wear organic flip-flops with your organic socks, don't use air conditioning, sleep in a tent in your neighbor's backyard, surf the web on a solar-powered computer and only bathe in organic water. Good start, but what about cooking, you traitor, we saw you zapping that burrito in a kwik-e-mart microwave.

Assuming you find the raw food lifestyle far too radical, you can take the slow food movement to a whole new plane with solar cooking.

Sure it rains almost everyday in Miami in the summer. Don't let that stop you. Summer hasn't even started yet. Thinking memorial day BBQ? Fuhgeddaboutit. Nothin'll make you appreciate a hot dog more than waiting a half hour for it to cook in an oven you made yourself out of a used pizza box and tin foil.

So grab your scissors, holler at a roll of Reynolds Wrap and get started. The sun shines brighter in Miami, but our population is wasting it on frivolities like sports, the beach, and shooting Burn Notice. A majority of "solar cooking miami" search term combinations on google return entries about Miami Country Day School, which start their students experimenting with solar cuisine at age 4. Don't be out solared by a 4 year old. Click here for solar oven plans.

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Jacob Katel
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