How Robert Siegmann Sent a Bomb Through the TSA Checkpoint

Read the first part of this interview with Icebox Café's owner Robert Siegmann and chef Andrea Landini here. C'mon--surely you have time. We know you aren't really working today, anyhow.

So how did Icebox Café at MIA come about?

I always felt, as a traveler and a foodie, that good food at airports was lacking. I didn't understand why, as a traveler, you would need to compromise. These are people with disposable income. So I started inquiring about it no less than eight years ago but MIA was closed to any outsider.

But I never forgot about it. Last year, last August, I decided to try it again and I went online. Within a matter of weeks I was on a mass e-mailing. I sat down with 200 other people, teams of people from Burger King, McDonald's, the biggest franchises in the world. Talk about being a fish out of water! The director came up and started talking about this being the last bid [opportunity] for 10 years. I sat with my attorney and said, is this feasible?

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Riki Altman