How Did Honest Tea Decide Miami's Honesty Level?

Yesterday, Honest Tea, purveyor of a variety of organic beverages, set out to test the honesty of citizens in America's biggest cities. Their plan? By setting up pop-up "stores" selling their products for a buck, with no cashier to be found. Instead, box marked "pay here" gave you the option to pay what you want, a tactic that didn't go so well for Radiohead back in '08.

So how'd we do? Hard to say. First of all, the display was set up in the center of CocoWalk in the Grove. What do you expect when you put your store in the middle of the safest neighborhood in Miami? Wonder how Starbucks felt about the "free" beverages on their doorstep.

Then there was the "hidden" camera broadcasting your decision to the whole world. A quick peek on the Miami feed produced one woman picking her nose, and another grabbing a gratis tea and making a quick getaway on a Segway.

Assuming all locations were equal, Miami landed toward the bottom of the pack. We ranked ninth out of the 12 participating cities at a still respectable 92%, but considering that CocoWalk is a big tourist destination, we'll just blame it on our dishonest visitors.

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