How Booze Built America With Mike Rowe Premieres Wednesday Night

After hundreds of dirty jobs, Mike Rowe is taking a break to have a drink. Beginning Wednesday, September 19, you can have a drink with Rowe as he talks alcohol and hosts the world premiere of Discovery Channel's three-part series How Booze Built America.

Take a seat alongside Rowe at the bar and he'll steer you on a boozy and informative ride showing the historical impact of alcohol on the good ol' U.S. of A.

Did you know that ethanol emerged as one of the main alternative sources of fuel in the 1820s when whale oil became too expensive? Or that the Pilgrims gave beer to their kids on purpose?

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With a drink in hand, Rowe criss-crosses the country seeking the facts, interviews historians and experts, and reenacts famous moments of booze of the United States.

Sit back and watch as he attempts to explain how alcohol made America what it is today. The show premieres at 10 p.m. this Wednesday. Have a cold six-pack ready to drink.

From the Colonial era to modern times, booze has been with us every sip of the way.

Some other facts in the series include:

Johnny Appleseed actually created farms to sell hard apple cider.

Paul Revere might have tipped a few beers during his famous midnight ride.

Thomas Jefferson brewed his own beer, and George Washington distilled his own whiskey.

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