Biba: Haunt of the Hotties

Hotel Biba Toasts Flavor Palm Beach

We're officially halfway through Flavor Palm Beach, the only thirty dollar three-course meal you're likely to get in the foreseeable future. Have you been to Forte yet? Solu? Strip House?

I stopped in to Forte last week for cocktails, and before I could say "DUI" I'd put away three of their scrumptious Hendricks gimlets (without the nasturtiums listed on their cocktail menu, alas, they were out of them) along with a bowl of warm olives tossed with roasted, slivered almonds and thick, marinated strips of lemon peel -- probably the best bar dish in three counties. Also devoured a dish of littleneck clams in gorgeous chili and saffron gravy with thick hunks of grilled bread -- all the better to soak up those gimlets, my dear. Two weeks and counting for the Flavor Menu: Go.

Also this week, Wednesday September 17th, Hotel Biba, that funky-fab retro hotel on Belvedere Road, is toasting Flavor Palm Beach:

"Valet your vehicle for free then be greeted with a free drink... oh so chic! Stay to enjoy Biba's hot Wednesday night party, drink specials almost as wonderful as those drinking them..."

I can verify that usually "those drinking them" at Biba are indeed total hotties.

-- Gail Shepherd

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