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Hot Scoops On The SoBe Wine & Food Festival

Perhaps you’ve read recent announcements concerning Paula Deen’s Poker Party, Emeril’s Sugar Shack Dessert Party, and other attractions that have been scheduled for this season’s Southern Wine and Spirits and FIU’s 2008 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival. New Times has uncovered some other, as yet unconfirmed events that serious foodies will also want to know about:

*The First Annual SWASAFIU2008FNSBW&FF Celebrity Cook-Off boasts an All-Star lineup as Al Roker (diet-breaking BBQ ribs) puts on the apron and competes against Dr. Arthur Agatston (healthful steak, bacon, and frozen vegetable sandwich) and Lindsay Lohan (giant chocolate cake with saw in center). Hilarity and delicious food are sure to ensue!

*Tyler Florence teams with Rachael Ray for “Good Looks Make Good Cooks.” Gain invaluable insight from these sassy food personalities as they demonstrate how to set the flame of a cherries jubilee so its glow will accentuate only your finest facial attributes.

*Hell’s Romper Room promises a healthy dose of explosive interactive fun as the ever inflammatory Gordon Ramsay teaches tots the art of cooking – in an enclosed tent, on the beach, with no cooling devices! You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your kids to pick up kitchen basics from an iconic chef. Tip: Ramsay is sure to get a tad hot under the collar, so bring along ear plugs unless you want to hear your darling little Jeffy called a “worthless piece of shit.”

*Get the inside scoop on some of our city’s most over hyped, overpriced restaurants when the popular cable television show Top Chef brings back its’ Miami contestants for a special live, two-hour performance in the main tent. Be in on the action as our local culinarians, some of whom run kitchens in dining establishments that charge $35 to $45 per entree, struggle to construct an edible tuna fish salad sandwich. You’ll laugh till you cry, and then keep crying....

We’ll keep you posted as more SWASAFIU2008FNSBW&FF details come to light. -- Lee Klein

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