Hot Plates: Michelle Conley at Quattro

Not only is waitress Michelle Conley a stunning blonde, but also she is very passionate about the food she serves at Quattro. The Connecticut native is a newcomer to the Lincoln Road Italian eatery, but she wows her customers with her knowledge of the menu and her winning smile. Michelle talked to Short Order about pasta, people watching, and why she is gunning for our job.

New Times: What is the sexiest dish on the menu?

Michelle Conley: The branzino, which is done acqua pazzo style. That means "crazy water" in Italian. This is a typical cooking style from Northern Italy, where our chef is from. The fish is marinated with water, white wine, olives, tomatoes and capers. The flavors become infused together, and the fish is so delicate and moist. It just flakes into your mouth.

NT: Describe the scene at Quattro.

MC: It's very sexy and chic, but not pretentious. We have amazing food and a great ambiance. Since we are on Lincoln Road, our customers enjoy the people watching.

NT: You've probably seen some crazy happenings on Lincoln Road.

MC: Halloween was probably the craziest. It's the biggest event on Lincoln Road. The costumes are amazing, like out of Hollywood. We get to dress in costume too.

NT: Do you like it when your customers are adventurous with the menu?

MC: Yes. Anyone can order spaghetti pomodoro. But our chef creates different specials every day. The specials are more fun to order. However, all of our pastas are fantastic; they are all homemade.

NT: How do you recover after work?

MC: I like to have a nice glass of wine and listen to some music. Sometimes all of the staff goes out together. We have a nice camaraderie.

NT: Are you a foodie?

MC: Oh yeah. One of my favorite things to do is to critique restaurants. If I wouldn't gain 500 pounds, I'd be a food critic.

1014 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach

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